Lindsey smiled the whole day so that made it easy. Hunt Villa is a secret treasure on a back road in Hallsville, TX. It is a little Italian villa with beautiful grounds and architecture for a small wedding. Check out their wedding highlights video:

We had a great time with Laura and Jeremy at their beautiful wedding at Kings Highway Christian Church in Shreveport, LA and the reception at The Silver Lake Ballroom in Shreveport, LA.  What a precious couple they are.  Their wedding party was large and lended to some great creative shots that we hope they will love.  Check out their wedding gallery preview below.

We had a great time with Kassi and Greg at a small church in Gladewater, TX.  They had a small wedding and then a reception in the church’s fellowship hall.  The kids and adults had a great time with the photo booth.

Really enjoyed getting to be with this couple on their wedding day.  We left the reception a little earlier than they had planned and found a spot in Monroe, LA to do some couple portraits.  It was great getting a chance to shoot them in the same church where they met.













Had a great time at Flying Feathers Ranch with Brittany and Drew on their Wedding Day.











From R.W. Norton and downtown Shreveport, had a great time with this LA couple.




May 012012

Took some portraits for my sister’s family.  Ironically it’s more pressure than a wedding.




Longview Senior

Portraits Comments Off
May 012012

Got to take a break from brides and grooms and take some senior pictures of a young man that goes to my church. Really impressed with him as a person and can’t wait to see what God has in store for him.


This trash the dress session was with Eric and Tiffany.   They are both incredible people and I had a great time just hanging out with them.  I met them at a wedding that I had earlier in the year at Centaur Arabian Farms in Tyler.  They told me how their wedding photographer hadn’t taken any pictures of just the two of them at their wedding (I’m amazed at how many times I’ve heard that).  I volunteered to take some shots with Tiffany in her dress and Eric all dressed up and after many scheduling conflicts we finally got together.

Here’s the deal: we don’t really trash the wedding dress, we just don’t have to be as careful with it as we did during bridal shots.  It really makes it fun since we can take portraits in some really fun places without worrying about the dress getting a little dirty.  It’s also fun because the couple is already married and their is no stress of an upcoming wedding.  I look forward to photographing many more!



This was a bridal shoot at R.W. Norton Museum in Shreveport, LA.  I just love this location as it offers a wide variety of shots with bridges and fountains and foliage.  They took great care of their grounds during this past drought and is one of the few places that you can find some greenery this time of the year.  It really makes it easier for the photographer when there are so many neat choices.  I had to patiently wait until after the wedding to post these images as I didn’t want the groom to get a sneak peak of his bride before their big wedding day.












Centaur is one of my favorite places to shoot weddings, they have done such a great job taking care of their grounds during this Texas drought and it really shows with all the beautiful greenery.  There are a lot of great backdrops for portraits that provide variety and a great look.  I also really enjoy working with Diane Reis who coordinates a lot of the weddings there.  She really does a fantastic job of setting up a fun environment for the couples and adds to each event something special for their tastes.  She also helps quite a bit with portrait ideas and helping things to move along the day of the wedding.  The happy couple on this day was Kristen and Josh.  They are an amazing couple and it was a real honor to be a part of their celebration.  This also marks the first wedding in a while that Angie was by my side shooting again.   Kate is now four months old, and can be left with the sitter while she comes and adds to the coverage we get, especially at the beginning when the bride and groom are in separate locations.


Oct 042011

What an incredible model Kimber is!  We had an adventurous time as the Tyler Rose Garden was closed and we had to jump the fence in order to get the shoot in.  The fair was in town and apparently that means the entrance to the rose garden is cut off.  After some shots at the garden we headed downtown to a spot that Kimber and her mom knew about.  Great little area that included railroad tracks, brick roads and cool window shots.  We closed out the evening with a few night shots back into the sunset with downtown Tyler as a backdrop.


This was my first engagement shoot to include parts of downtown Shreveport.  There were so many different locations which made for a great time.  I can’t wait for the wedding in order to get some more portraits of this great couple.  We also took some at the gardens located behind the R.W. Norton Museum which also turns out to be a great spot for bridal shots.

Fusion Video

I had a great time photographing Josh and Kristen’s wedding.  They are a great couple from  Henderson, TX with a very supportive family.   The wedding was on the family’s property and the service was performed by Kristen’s grandmother.   They had a lot of fun details in their wedding from special koozies to bride and groom toilet paper.

Here is the fusion video from their wedding.  Fusion video is a combination of still photos, video and audio combined creatively into a single video presentation.  To see the video in full screen, click the Full Screen button in the bottom right corner of the video.

Are you getting ready for portraits and not really sure what to wear?  Here are some tips to help you with your selection.

Mid-tone and Dark Solid Colors Photograph better than Light Ones.

It’s probably easiest to go ahead and state up front that the focal point on any portrait is YOU! Specifically your face and even more specifically your eyes. Thus, the goal of your clothing is not to distract, but rather to draw the viewers to your face. Wearing dark, solid colors really accomplishes this well. The eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest part of the picture, so when you wear dark clothing your face is more likely one of the brighter elements in the picture. The opposite occurs when you wear white, or other bright clothes and the clothes compete with you face. Plaids and busy shirts with a lot of print can also be a distraction for the viewer. Note the following images and see which one your eyes are more naturally drawn to the faces of the subjects.

Of course both are nice portraits, and wearing a brighter color certainly won’t ruin a picture, but the darker outfits usually make for a more pleasing image.


Bring a Variety of Outfits

You’ll be more pleased with your session if you bring a variety of outfits.  Some casual and some that are more dressy.   Also vary up the color some so that you don’t have all your pictures with pink tops.  As the scene changes, some outfits and colors are going to look better than others.  When in doubt bring it to your session and let me help you make some choices.

For the Weight Conscious

If you are self-conscious about your weight you will especially want to avoid anything tight-fitting that is white or light colored as it will tend to add weight to the portrait.  Loose-fitting and white is not as noticeable and most people can get away with.  Horizontal stripes are also notorious for adding weight and if you are self-conscious about your arms you’ll be much more pleased with your pictures if you wear long sleeves.  Dark colors especially with long sleeves do the best job of camouflaging any extra weight.

Color Selection

Some colors simply don’t look that great outside.  Orange, teal, any kind of green (except deep, forest green), and pink tend to clash with many outdoor locations, especially areas with the green of trees or grass. Mid-toned solids or darker color solids like black, any kind of blue, browns, reds (or burgundy), purples, or grey.  You’ll also want to avoid colors that are close to skin tone as they can have a tendency to give a washed-out look.

One of my primary goals as a photographer is to capture images of my clients that I know that they will love. One of the important elements of a great photograph is the pose of the subject. Here are just a few basics to keep in mind when posing for your photographs.

Don’t directly face the camera

Instead slightly angle your face and shoulders away from the lens. This will have a slimming effect and add interest to your portrait. Here’s an example of a senior who has her head and shoulders slightly angled away from the camera.

Bend that arm

Ever wonder what do do with your arms? The best thing is to give them a little bend. For girls this is easily accomplished by putting your hand on your hip while for guys a hand in your pocket works well. Here’s an example from a bridal portrait.

Keep your weight on the back foot

Have your weight on the foot that is furthest away from the camera. Let your front leg serve as an accent to the picture by giving it a little bit of bend. Note in the following picture how the bent leg helps her to form an “S” shape in her pose.

This is a fantastic couple who really love God and it is awesome to hear how much of a part of their relationship He is.  Uriel has big plans for school as he is hoping to continue as a Christian musician (he’s quite a drummer).  This is one of my first engagement shoots at the Tyler Rose Garden.  It was a great spot with a lot of options for cool shots.  Afterwards we found an old warehouse  located in Tyler and took some shots with more of an urban feel.


Daniel and Dana were married on August 13th at Hill Country Village in Shreveport, LA.  What a great couple and a terrific venue!!  We really were blessed with a break in the heat wave as this was an outdoor wedding.  Hill Country Village was a great spot for the wedding providing a number of really cool places to shoot portraits.  With their own chef on the premises it’s no wonder they’re so popular for weddings and parties.

Wedding Day Photos

Uriel and Sophia were recently married at Centaur Arabian Farms in Flint, TX (just South of Tyler, TX).    We’ve had the fortune of working with Centaur a number of times now and they really are a fantastic venue for weddings.   They are a photographer’s dream as they provide a beautiful setting for getting ready as well as the ceremony and reception.  Here are some of our favorite shots from Uriel and Sophia’s wedding.  Their reception was at the Boy’s and Girl’s club in Tyler.  It was a great time and I got to learn a number of reception games and new traditions from my time photographing their event.




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