Centaur is one of my favorite places to shoot weddings, they have done such a great job taking care of their grounds during this Texas drought and it really shows with all the beautiful greenery.  There are a lot of great backdrops for portraits that provide variety and a great look.  I also really enjoy working with Diane Reis who coordinates a lot of the weddings there.  She really does a fantastic job of setting up a fun environment for the couples and adds to each event something special for their tastes.  She also helps quite a bit with portrait ideas and helping things to move along the day of the wedding.  The happy couple on this day was Kristen and Josh.  They are an amazing couple and it was a real honor to be a part of their celebration.  This also marks the first wedding in a while that Angie was by my side shooting again.   Kate is now four months old, and can be left with the sitter while she comes and adds to the coverage we get, especially at the beginning when the bride and groom are in separate locations.


Oct 042011

What an incredible model Kimber is!  We had an adventurous time as the Tyler Rose Garden was closed and we had to jump the fence in order to get the shoot in.  The fair was in town and apparently that means the entrance to the rose garden is cut off.  After some shots at the garden we headed downtown to a spot that Kimber and her mom knew about.  Great little area that included railroad tracks, brick roads and cool window shots.  We closed out the evening with a few night shots back into the sunset with downtown Tyler as a backdrop.


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