One of my primary goals as a photographer is to capture images of my clients that I know that they will love. One of the important elements of a great photograph is the pose of the subject. Here are just a few basics to keep in mind when posing for your photographs.

Don’t directly face the camera

Instead slightly angle your face and shoulders away from the lens. This will have a slimming effect and add interest to your portrait. Here’s an example of a senior who has her head and shoulders slightly angled away from the camera.

Bend that arm

Ever wonder what do do with your arms? The best thing is to give them a little bend. For girls this is easily accomplished by putting your hand on your hip while for guys a hand in your pocket works well. Here’s an example from a bridal portrait.

Keep your weight on the back foot

Have your weight on the foot that is furthest away from the camera. Let your front leg serve as an accent to the picture by giving it a little bit of bend. Note in the following picture how the bent leg helps her to form an “S” shape in her pose.

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